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Amethyst cabochon stones

Amethyst cabochon stones

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It is possible to utilize flat-back purple amethyst cabochons, which are manufactured of extremely high-quality natural amethyst gemstones with lovely color, clarity, and smooth surface, as a balancing stone to assist bring harmony and calm to your energy field while you are wearing.

We provide premium Amethyst Cabochon Stone to our most dependable clients located all over the world. The finest materials were used to create the amethyst gemstone.

Amethyst is the epitome of the color purple; it is exquisite enough for crown jewels while still being reasonable enough for class rings.

A variety of procedures are performed to change the color, apparent purity, or durability of the amethyst birthstone.

Some gemstones have synthetic substitutes that are man-made in a lab and have nearly identical chemical, physical, and optical characteristics.

The jewel for the sixth and seventeenth wedding anniversaries is amethyst, which is also the birthstone for February.

Why you should wear Amethyst Gemstone?

Wearing Amethyst opens stagnant or blocked thoughts, opening the way to creative and logical solutions. For this reason, scholars, researchers, and scholars often turn to amethyst to help them succeed.

Amethyst is very popular for its ability to calm restless and distracted minds and is highly beneficial in enhancing the productivity of the wearer.

It is part of the recognized healing effects. It is also worn to cure arthritis, bone cancer, and paralysis. Amethyst activates unexpected opportunities, helping the wearer regain material and financial comfort, and repair lost or broken relationships.

Amethyst is very beneficial in treating insomnia, anxiety, anxiety, and depression as it can calm a weak, fragile and anxious mind. It surpasses most other gemstones in increasing strength and meditative abilities.


Natural Amethyst

Afmetingen & gewicht

Measurements: The largest piece is about 14.90 x 3.55 mm
Weight: 19,183 grams


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