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Amethyst crystal pendant

Amethyst crystal pendant

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Heart of Gemstone Natural Amethyst Cabochon Pendant for Stress Relief is made of natural amethyst healing stone. It protects against psychic attacks, transforms energy into love, and protects the wearer from all kinds of harm, including geopathic or electromagnetic stress and malice from others. Relieves tension, calms irritability, balances mood swings, and dispels anger, anger, fear, and anxiety. It relieves grief and sorrow and dissolves negativity. It has powerful healing and cleansing powers. It calms and stimulates the mind, improves concentration, improves memory, and boosts motivation.

There is something special about purple. Charming, bold, and warm at the same time. It is precisely these properties that distinguish amethyst from other gemstones in the jewelry world. Whether you buy amethyst earrings, an amethyst pendant, an amethyst crystal necklace, an amethyst bracelet, or an amethyst ring encrusted with these purple beauties, you can be sure of its bling element.

There is no doubt that amethyst is beautiful. And when combined with the beauty of diamonds and other precious stones, the beauty knows no bounds. So if you love warm, rich shades of purple, now is the time to buy amethyst jewelry.

Amethyst's price is almost entirely determined by its color. A deep purple amethyst with slight red and blue tones attracts higher prices than gems that are too dark or too light. Color zoning or inconsistent color distribution can slightly reduce the price of amethyst per carat.

Finely cut gemstones not only bring out color and light better, but they can also skillfully hide inclusions. Faceted gemstones are more expensive than cabochons because they contain stone waste. For similar reasons, rounds and ovals are less expensive than squares and other custom shapes while maintaining overall quality.

Looking for an exquisite and natural pendant to complete your look? Check out our amethyst necklace! This 18k gold gemstone is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and coolness. Moreover, its natural color adds a special class to any ensemble. Go ahead and get yours today!


Natural Amethyst

Dimensions & Weight

Measurements: About 21.05 x 17.15 mm
Weight: 6,401 grams

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